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Are you depressed?

If you find the following symptoms of depression with yourself there is a high chance that you are suffering from depression:

  • Intense levels of anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness

  • loss of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or sadness

  • early awakening, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep

  • excessive hunger, fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness

  • agitation, excessive crying, irritability, or social isolation

  • lack of concentration, slowness inactivity, or thoughts of suicide

  • weight gain or weight loss

  • poor appetite or repeatedly going over thoughts

What is Depression Treatment?

Depression is a mental state of negativity. Only people filled with fear and sadness suffer from depression. A person facing depression feels that their past is tragic, their present is suffering, and the future is hopeless. Deep-rooted sadness and grief also cause depression.

Patients try many remedies to try and come out of depression but it is not possible to stop depression without handling the cause of depression. Our research shows that depression is not a lifestyle disease or mental disease, it is caused by sorrow and anyone suffering from sorrow can undergo depression. Since this disease is born out of sorrow medicines are not effective at treating it. Different people face differing side effects from the same medicine. Even more concerning is the fact that there is no medical test to prove that a person is suffering from depression. As much depression is a disease of the mind and not of the body.

Types of Depression:

Major Depression – characterized by the inability to enjoy life and experience pleasure. The symptoms are constant ranging from moderate to severe.

Dysthymia (recurrent, mild depression) – most of the days you feel mildly or moderately depressed, although you may have brief periods of normal mood,

Bipolar Disorder – when Depression is just one side of the coin varying with recurrent manic symptoms.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – many people feel sad when summer wanes, but some actually develop depression with the season’s change and typically it comes on during the fall or winter months and subsides in the spring.

Postpartum Depression – It is a long-lasting and more serious depression triggered in part, by hormonal changes associated with having a baby. Postpartum depression usually develops soon after delivery.

Comorbidity with other disorders – Majority of people with depression also suffer from Substance – related disorders, Panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Eating disorders, Borderline personality disorder

Depression treatment Approaches

Depression is a self – created a state. For the first time when a man is full of sorrow, sometimes, family members care for him and love him a lot, so the person thinks it’s a right way, whenever I am full of pain, people will give me attention. To get out of depression is so easy, do fast walk, sit at a cool place or visit some hill station, or talk to some people who like you & talk with you nicely, and through this we can cure the first level of depression. If there is a further stage of grief, contact to a life coach who will listen to your life story and make every moment of life as an interpretation that helps you to have to change your perception of your life. There is an easy way to cure depression, i.e., join laughter Club and laugh in the morning, afternoon and Evening then see whether depression is getting cured or not, when you take a few things seriously which leads to depression, i.e., Don’t take things seriously, don’t be scared then there will be no depression.

Who suffers from depression?

Now we will talk about who suffers from Depression? Depression only comes to a weak person; a person is vulnerable, sorrow, dangerous, hurt and also selfish people. If you are not selfish, depression will not occur. The main symptoms of depression are sadness, nervous. Now there is new technology, named as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in this technology, if depression is at a lower stage it can be cured in 10 hours. The meaning of depression is asking the wrong question; a depressed person asks every time the crazy questions which don’t have an answer. For example, ‘why this is happening to me only?’, This is a favorite question of depressed people, and there is no answer to this question that’s why it’s happening. Whatever bad situations occur remind you of the past again & again; good things never happen for you. Good and bad events occur for all people, but when a person thinks only about bad things, that lead to depression and when a person thinks of good things, that person stays happy.

  •     The first step is that a person should decide to get rid of depression.

  •     The second step is to find any life Coach & to share your life story.

  •     The third step is to feel the person with full of power, motivation & full of courage that person will not have any fear & also to get rid of, a person with seriousness & sadness, to feel the person with happiness, feel with love, through this depression & get cured.

Depression occurs mostly in women because are more secretive, suppressed and other people dominate them. Also, they do not desire to express their inner feelings. Also, they feel that society and family place restrictions on them, so that they don’t speak freely, this leads to depression. There is no biological reason that because of being a woman she has depression. But earlier days there used to be a time when women were not allowed to laugh, talk freely, and had to live under restriction. It is clear that there is no biological reason that women are at a higher risk of depression.

I take ten days minimum to treat depression patient to get a cure. Firstly, I use music therapy to play energetic songs to them; then I do some fun with them after that I give knowledge about life to them, while doing this patient feels that they don’t have any fear. It is my 25 years of skills that in front of patient I need to do a different person. According to the level of the patient I need to start the level of treatment, maybe you have to listen to their stories, many times a depressed person will blame or complain, and condemn other people for whatever had been happening with them, they will not take any responsibility. For this I can’t say where should I start, but it’s sure that with a 200% guarantee, depression person gets cure with minimum of 10 days or maximum 100 days, there is no need to take medicine for 10 to 15 years, if you are taking medication you are doing mistake, you don’t know how much your body is getting damaged by taking this medicine. There is a way of taking this medicine makes your body as alive dead body, cause you live but as a dead body. I would just say it’s not a medical illness, it’s a mental illness, in this, there are no ways to get cured by medicines, it’s a psychological issue, but in medicine, there is no role to cure depression. If drugs take 100 days to cure depression, I will cure depression in just ten days without any medication, just patient should be ready to get out of depression, but most of the patients don’t want to get out of depression.

My Promise to You

Depression is a self-created state. When we think wrong about our life, and we blame every person whatever happened to us, that’s depression occurs. Stop blaming others and take your responsibility, this thing can cure your depression, and if the depression is of 10 years, it will get rectified in 10 days, and if depression is of 1 year, it will get a cure in 3 days. Guaranteed, that, however, if depression is in the worst condition, it should not take more than 100 days to get out of depression. My methods are to build self-confidence, give you lots of knowledge, make you powerful; this will help to take lifelong challenges which you will face in your life.