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My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach & mental health consultant. For the last 25 years, we have research on more than 50 diseases that we cure without any medicines likeAutismEpilepsyMigraineArthritisParkinsonAlzheimerSchizophreniaDrug-addict,Alcoholic,  DepressionInsomniaSlow learnerDyslexia, etc. all these diseases are curable without any medicines.

Today we will talk about Autism; our new research says that more than 75% of all autistic children can be cured. Autism is divided into three categories:- Mild, moderate and severe. Any person is having a mild autism can be cured 100% and in cases of severe autism, 75% of children can be cured. Autism has three myths that all people believe to be true. The first myth, that autism will not get healed. The second myth, is that autism is a neurological disorder. The third myth,is that autism is a brain disorder. All of these are false and not true.

What is Autism?

Autism is one of profoundly rooted anxiety disorder, nervous breakdown, mental and Emotional Breakdown; there is no laboratory test and blood test, we have developed a test that we named as Mind Mapping, this test usually is for parents. In this test, more than 50 reasons occur, any of which may be responsible for causing depression. This disease gets deduct before the birth of 3 years old child; this disease is not of children’s. This disease is of parents; it occurs due to parents. During Pregnancy mother is full of stress, discomfort, worried due to such factors it leads to autism. Women can be a worry due to her husband, money, the house of father in law & so many reasons. Autism compulsory get the effect on people who are more stressful, worried, sadness & irritate. Autism comes during pregnancy, or before giving birth to a child before three years, when the mother starts breastfeeding baby, she gets disturbed or while breastfeeding she might get upset, while there is a problem occurring at a time of breastfeeding  it leads to autism, because due to mother negative emotions child get affect to autism.

Mostly we have seen when someone’s child is having a diagnosis of autism, so it clearly says its first sign that child is not talking.

What are the symptoms of child Autism?

1. There is no social contact through people.

2. The child does not talk.

3. Child behaves as an emotionally dead, do not express any emotion, not giving proper concentration & unusual in behavior, like if someone give car for playing, he will not play with a car he will just stare one part of a vehicle, when parents & other people talk to him, the child does not pay attention to their communication, but when someone gives a call by his name, he gives attention.

Mostly, parents visit us when a child has difficulty with speech or when a child does not speak; then they search for a speech therapist or occupation therapist, this both ways are wrong. In this disease, there is no role of any speech therapist, but when we believe that the child will not get the cure, then there is the role of occupation therapist. Most parents search for individual schools & send them to a particular school, this is also a wrong thing, specific school is usually for those children who have autism and ADD, or parents of their child having ADD and Autism. Even if we send them to a particular school then they will not get cured. Parents are having much more interest in the academic, through academic they think they will talk, write & read, etc. Individual schools also focus on the academic that is entirely wrong. 

From my side, I can say, the 15-year-old child should not be sent to a particular school, and the child should enjoy whatever they like to do. E.g., in drawing, music, watching TV, etc.

The child gets cured in 1 to 3 years. During first treatment, a child can gain 50% Improvement. Lots of parents think wrongly that this is a last option treatment. Firstly we take into account, the child’s emotion, expression, concentration, and speech. Parents have misconceptions at times regarding the treatment, that can make them nervous. But worry not. You can research on google about this disease as much as you want, but you will understand one thing in the end, that this disease can not be cured with medicines. So we can assure you that, this therapy of ours is the right thing to cure it as we will cure it without medicine.

If you take medication like allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, there is no treatment in all these medicines and mostly research for this is done by pharmacy company, drug industry through their methods we say there is no treatment for autism. In initial autism treatment, mother treatment is most important. First, we take out their anxiety, stress; these things happen in front of children, when a child sees mother is humbling, then child start becoming normal. Without parents partnership, to cure a child is impossible. People say its manufacturing defect, which with god desire it’s wrong that parenting is a failure. From last years I have seen more than 200 children, I meet their parents and spend 3 hours with them, I am 100% convinced that due to parent anxiety, stress, tension, different opinion, domestic violence due to all these its leads to autism.

Let’s see which thing is common in parents for autism in children? Parents keep evil purpose, nervousness, severe and low self-esteem, excessive thinking, most doubting in nature, mostly confused, frustration & their past things are very poor, and this negativity comes in children. Such parents are fearless, over thinking and during pregnancy there are disturbed. 10 % I have seen that those women, who do smoking, take drinks, take lots of medicines due to any mental illness that it leads to autism.

Autism is one type of mental illness, and there is no association between brain & neurology. It’s a type of mind game. In today’s language, I can also say, child hard disk is full, software is damaged, lots of virus, we have to format hard drive, or we have to install antivirus software then the only child will get cure it takes a long time & its treatment is expensive. This disease occurs mostly in boys as compared to girls, nowadays this disease is increasing and by 2% child is getting affected. There is no diagnostic test, just by looking at a child, that child is not healthy, not doing eye contact, not concentrating on talks, alone in his world.

What are early signs of autism?

In autism signs are a child not having eye contact, not concentrating on other people talks & alone in his world. How many children have autism? In today days, 2% child has autism, some child having a different degree like mind, moderate & severe. It’s difficult to get the right person for treatment of autism, to see we have to do trial and error. When someone comes to me, in 10 hours, I will give confidence in how to get cure by this disease. 

How can parents reduce the risk of autism?

If parents do planning about giving birth to a child, the child will not get autism. When a mother is quiet, happy, at home everything is smooth and understanding  at this stage its proper time to give birth to a child, if there is nervousness , different opinions, domestic violence then it’s not right time to give birth to a child , In medical condition mother taking lots of medicines then it’s the wrong time to give birth to a child.

What is the cost of Treatment?

Autism is an expensive treatment. In America & western countries, the budget is 1 lakh us dollars for one-year expenses, and it takes 3 to 5 years, by doing so many costs they achieve only 5% to cure a child. In India, I have started this treatment; it cost 50 to 60 lakhs expense for one year, and the child will get a cure in 2 to 3 years. If you do not understand the right person, then this disease will not get the cure. When a child grows more prominent, during increasing age, he insists a lot, power, violence, creates embracement for family & that is misuse for society people due to this it affects parents life. Child power gets higher & parent’s power gets less, through this child have to keep an attempt to control and to care for him.

Can Autistic child earn his/ her living?

As we say every child is gifted, having any talent and every human being in the world, then that child also having some unique skills, if child focus on those skills like drawing, music, dance then he would earn his livelihood. In today days, initial treatment is of parents only, this treatment is done in front of the child, because a child can see his mother is quiet, taking patience, forgiveness coming while going mother treatment a child start responding.

At last, I would say parents don’t lose your hope, autistic children get cure, don’t believe on Google, there is no medicine for this treatment , this treatment has been occurring due to stress, this treatment is anxiety disorder, nervous breakdown & it will get a cure, but it will take a long time . My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health consultant. Thank you!!