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Obsessive Compulsory Disorder
Is Curable 100%

By Mental Health Center

My name is Kailash mantry I’m a consultant and a life coach at Mental Health Center. From the last 25 years we are researching more the 50 diseases which are still not successfully researched & cured by the medical science.


Such as:

-Obsessive compulsory disorder
-Anxiety disorder
-Bipolar heart disorder
-Drug addict
-Kidney failure
-Brain stroke
-Learning disability and many more

Obsessive Compulsory Disorder

Consist of two words
Obsessive : One track mind (thinking over and over again)
Compulsive : Uncontrolled, helpless (having no choice)
E.g. An idea, thought, feeling that has a compulsory behavior shown by the patient on regular basis.

It is the mental illness that is 100 % Curable without Medicine.
“Medicine is not a cure for the patient but the temporary satisfaction to family members”


Types of OCD

40% of patients are victim of mild OCD. It can be cured in 45 to 50 days.
More than 60% of the patient are the victim of ciwia OCD.


Treatment Timing

More than 60% patient required very less amount of time to cure from the day it started.
E.g. if disease is from 5 years then it take only 5 months to cure.

More than 50% patient are cured in Just 50 days.

Parent Participation

Parents are advised to visit the center along with their child and all of them are Analyzed and diagnosed for 10 days.

Reason 1:
They treat their children very consciously and start telling them the consciences of their particular actions from their childhood which causes their child such a disease.

Reason 2:
If the mother is a working women and cannot look after her child properly, which increases the communication gap and causes the disease.


Common Facts about OCD patient

-It start from the Fear (if it increases) creates the Doubt (if it increases) creates -Negativity and Excessive thinking.
-They have illogical thinking
-Family distances
-Limited social life
-Limited Friends
-Take everything seriously and secretly
-Frustration, argumented and perfectionist
-Granted failure in marriage life
-Take stress in job and have below average productivity
-Job dissatisfaction
-Collect unwanted raw material like ( empty bottles)
-Checking, thinking and counting things over and over again
-Very Conscious about body cleanliness (take multiple times shower)
-Very religious with high moral and fear of losing things
-Few Rumors
-People believe it’s a neurological disorder (which is not right)
-It’s a psychological and emotional deep rooted disordered

It’s a chemical ‘locha’ which can be controlled but not cured (which is not right)

Chemical locha: Appears on taking drugs

Sign and Symptoms

-Excessive fear
-Excessive doubt
-Excessive negativity
-Excessive guilt
-Excessive precautions
-Excessive consciousness
-Excessive secretive
-Excessive seriousness
-Excessive self-cleaning
-Illogical thinking
-Highly religious
-Super specious and believe in luck


Complication in life (OCD patient)

-Violent and aggressive actions
-Suicide attempts and suppress anger
-Might take actions to kill someone
-Disturbed sexual life
-Fast and Quick addiction (alcohol and drugs)
-Had a depression anxiety disorder
-Has a stomach problem, acidity, headache and health issues
-Improper sleep which leads to more health problems
-Feel lonely and had bad relations
-Disturbed marriage life, stress, tension, and helpless
-Blame their parents for every regret

Facts about Growth

Increasing at a rapid pace researcher says: “it’s about more than 3% of the total population”. Which means (if 100 crore is the total population then more than 3 crore are the victims).Mental disease is genetically transferred into the new born baby like (OCD, epilepsy, autism etc.


To Avoid Further Growth

-It cannot be cured at home you have to visit us!
-Following things to do:
-Go to exercise about (1.5 to 2 hrs. daily )
-Take a good sleep about (7 to 9 hrs.)
-Avoid alcohol and drugs
-Don’t take hard and tough responsibilities
-Have gathering with friends and family


Older Methods to Cure OCD (“These methods are not fruitful”)

-Family therapy
-Cognitive behavior therapy
-Group therapy (OCD patient meets with OCD patient)


Our Methods to Cure OCD (“100 % fruitful”)

-Mind mapping:
-We provide a questionnaire about 500 questions. Patient has to tick those provided options. From these results we find the major problems in first 10 days and minor problems in the next month.
These problems are cured one at a time
-We take patient and his parents to a resort for 10 days where treatment is done 10 to 15 hrs daily.
-We use more than 50 therapies to cure OCD
-We take good care of patient

-We talk leniently as a result patient slowly starts cooperating