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My Name is Dr kailash mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more than 50 diseases and are successful in treating them without medicines. Such as ADHD , AUTISM , ALZHEIMER , PARKINSON , SLOW LEARNER  DYSLEXIA , DEPRESSION , INSOMNIA , SUICIDE THOUGHT. And many More disease in which there is no significance role of medicines to cure them.

ADHD Known as attention deficit hyper activity disorder , this disease is identified as neurological problem / brain disorder , But there is no clear result research  in the MRI Reports or CT scan

According to my research it should be known as Deep Routed Anxiety disorder or dipruted nervous breakdown. This diseases usually occurs to children below 15 years of age. 2 to 5 % of children all over the world are suffering from ADHD.

The disease occurs during the time of pregnancy of mother usually due to stressed mother, irritated , impatient of the mother in stress , the disease is further raised due to bad atmosphere at home like fight between husband and wife,

When mother is Emotionally disturbed during breast feeding the emotion is further transferred to the  kid.

There is further 3 levels of ADHD



Cortical Visual Impairment ( CVI)

The treatment of ADHD doesn’t have any cure in Medicines including allopathic , homeopathy or ayurvedic. Every parent when they come to about ADHD their first step is to consult a doctor and start their medicines which should not be the case. Patient who takes medicines for ADHD further suffers from many problems

According to me schooling does more damage to kid suffering from ADHD, Kid should not be send to school in the Initial stages. Kid going through ADHD should be allowed to do anything he / she Loves.

If they are les disturbed in general they can be cured soon. Three significant symptoms are found in ADHD kid

In attention – Concentration or distraction problem

Hyper activity – Restlessness

Impulsive – Lack of Passion

ADHD patient are full of Sadness and fear and isolates themselves from the world. We have developed a new test called mind mapping. It is an MCQ Test with such transparent words that we can make out root cause of the disease. Using this , we treat  75% and above in an ADHD  patient. It takes usually  1-3 years to cure ADHD Without medicines.

For the treatment the  patient has to come to our center  to be treated. An ADHD kid needs a lot of parental attention and does a lot of action just to get their parent attention. ADHD is 100 % curable according to my research. 75% to 90% of ADHD is cured within 1-3 years of treatment.

Mid ADHD is curable 100%. Moderate ADHD is 75% to 90% curable CVI ADHD is Challenging so it varies from patient to patient. Below the age of 10 if the child is brought for treatment we can guarantee his Treatment and early Recovery as the age increases it gets difficult to deal with them.

There is not a single patient to whom I have not given 60 to 70% benefits. This Disease is not a neurological disorder nor it’s a God gifted , it  is a parenting mistake and it can be cured. The Treatment takes time and the treatment of this disease is Expensive.