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My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach or Mental Health Consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more than 50 diseases in which we are successful in curing them without medicine, for example, ADHD, AUTISM, ALZHEIMER, PARKINSON, SLOW LEARNER, DYSLEXIA, DEPRESSION, INSOMNIA, SUICIDE THOUGHT, and MIGRAINE and many more disease in which there is no significant role of medicines in curing them.

Today we are talking about ADHD is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this disease is identifying as a neurological problem or brain disorder, but there is no research in MRI report or City scan. According to me, is known as Dipruted Anxiety disorder or Dipruted Nervous Breakdown. This disease mostly come to small children, 2 to 5% of children below 15 years comes under this disease in the whole world.

These diseases only come at the pregnancy time or delivery time when the mother is impatient or irritable or in stress. This disease raised due to homes argument or domestic violence or any problems but only when the mother is in tension. 25% of questions come to the children when the mother is not giving proper breastfeeding. At the time of breastfeeding mother is crying then the emotional distribution comes to the children.

Treatment of disease gets a cure with the medicine. Anti-Anxiety pills provided but that tablets are to danger or harm. Children who are taking medication for the extended period they have the ADHD. In ADHD restlessness is one stream and depression is another stream. Then the children come under depression.

Through further research there is 3 level of disease:

Mild – small pressure, Moderate – medium pressure or Cortical visual impairment (CVI) – very hyperactive or very disturbed. There is no treatment in medicine like allopathic, homeopathy or ayurvedic. As we know, Every mother is taking a child to a doctor and doctor giving the medicine without seeing the illness. It is not a body problem. Medication is very harmful that why the child suffers a whole life.

Those who take medicine they suffer from 2 problems that are ADHD and Medicine. Parents make a mistake that to send their child to a particular school rather than posting to regular school. Regular schools are not taking the ADHD child that why they submit to a specific school. As we saw the particular school is run by whom the child has ADHD or Autism, they have started school. A 15-year-old ADHD child should not be sent to school but the parents will do not agree, and they will damage the child.

According to me, the parent should leave their children whatever they want to do, if the child feels happy to watch TV or to play the game let them do it. If they are less disturbed, they will cure soon. In children, three significant symptoms are found:

    Inattention –Concentration or Distraction problems.

    Hyperactivity – Restlessness

    Impulsive –Lack of passions.

According to me, ADHD child is full of the virus on the hard disk, and we have to input the anti-virus or new software or to format the hard drive. Such patients are so full of sadness and fears that they kept cut off from the other world. Not only do not listen to others and when they give a little bit of attention. We have developed a new test named as MIND MAPPING what is the reason for the word that is so transparent that he can tell in 30 minutes to know what is the purpose of ADHD and we take a test of child and parent. 50 reasons for the disease we deal with and remove one by one. From this, we cure 75% and above ADHD patient, and it takes 1 to 3 years to heal of disease.

ADHD patient is very restless, and they cannot sit in one place, and they need to give more time, and the time to cure. If ADHD patient doesn’t come here then they will not be cured, and the patient is disturbed till the 60 years, and they will not be getting married, and if marriage happens then it breaks, and there is unrest in the home. Though he grows up, he keeps on moving and keeps thinking and remains disturbed. Every work is going slowly, and the confidence level is decreasing. This type of child has a behavior issue, and we can’t take in any social functions and sunlight, and they can bite and hit any children or unrest and throw things around. These type of children want their parent’s attention 24 hours that why it is known as Attention Deficit. These children do stupid work and something to break so that the parents will pay attention to them.

According to me, ADHD is not 100% curable, but 90% is guaranteed curable. Any patients coming here, they are getting 75% cured, and 100% patient doesn’t get cured because in this parents also need to give cooperation then there is a more beneficial to heal this type of patients. More than 75% of patients can get out from ADHD disease within 1 to 3 years. There is no biological basis. During pregnancy, there is stress, tension, anxiety, impatient which goes into children. That’s why we have seen that if there are two children then one will be ADHD and the other will be normal. All doesn’t have the same Severity, and it has three categories: Mild ADHD, Moderate ADHD, Cortical visual impairment (CVI) ADHD.

Mild ADHD is 100% cured; Moderate ADHD is 75% to 90% healed and CVI ADHD its has challenges of first three months because the child is not cooperating, so it takes time to get cured. Boys suffer more from this disease compared to girls because girls have more patience and boys are restless. Because of this disease boys are more restless and experience from this disease. 100% ADHD children I saw 500 patients in 1 year, but 500 patients parents are entirely disturbed through pregnancy time or delivery period of the first two years.

They are mentally ill, and they don’t know what they are doing, but they only want them, and they are not doing valuable works than doing destructive actions to get attention.

Or everyone wants attention, some people do constructive things and get attention, or some people do destructive things to get attention. Parents lifestyle very influential for a child. If they have ADHD child, they can’t live a peaceful life until a child die and after they die then the children will not live a quiet life. This disease comes in childhood and remains until adulthood and until we die there is something left.

I have seen 40-year-old men who are suffering from ADHD disease, he is also restless, walking, indecisive, wrong questioning wrongly focused and disturbed. He did 2 hours of work in 6 hours, and her family members are too, and marriage of such people is the failure, and if a child is born, then the child also has some mental illness. If such people are brought to me quickly and the child with ADHD disease, below the age of 10 years it is guaranteed it will get a cure. As the age increases it difficult to deals with them as puberty comes, thinking about sex and there is the embracive situation for the family because they are restless, they misbehave with the girls and many more complaints from the society.

I will repeat ones; the way I treat ADHD disease to cure and I have cured more than 75% of people. There is not a single patient to whom I have not given 60 to 70% benefits.

This disease is not a neurological disorder or brain disorder, and it’s not a god gifted. It’s a parenting mistake through them the infection occurred, and it can be a cure. But, we have to take patience and give more time to cure. The treatment of this disease is expensive.

I am CA. Kailash Mantry. I am from Mumbai, and I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant.