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All mental illnesses can be treated
naturally without medicataion.

By Kailash Mantry,
Life Coach

Solving Problems that
are beyond your control.

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Welcome to Mantry Healthcare Center

Top level healthcare center, Evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment. All our treatment is 100% natural and effective we don’t use any medication to cure.


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A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
We cure 100% of mental illnesses naturally without any medications.
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Depression is a mental state of negativity. Only people filled with fear and sadness suffer from depression. A person facing depression feels that their past experiences are a tragedy, their present is full of suffering, and their future is hopeless.
We cure 100% of mental illnesses naturally without any medications.
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The very first thing that flashes our mind after listening to the word Cancer is “Death”; Cancer is synonymous with Death. Research about Cancer in Medical Science has progressed quite far.
We 100% cure cancer by our own research therapy without any medication.Cancer and many more other such conditions which cannot be treated by medicines but still have a medicine-free solution.
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Insomnia is the root cause of every disease. We can say that the mother of all disease is insomnia means before any disease occurs the disturbance of sleep is the most important. Insomnia means no good sleep at night.
We Cure insomnia without any medication because natural sleep is best for your body and mind. Our therapy is sure will help you like many other patients.
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Bipolar Disorder
This disease comes under the age of 16 to 30 years and its comes to both male and female. Bipolar disorder means sometime the man’s is depressed, sad and sometime very excited and euphoric. This disease also has the cycles.
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is 100% curable and we treat it without any medicine we have our very own therapy and the result is 100%.
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Stammering is a psychological & emotional disorder, but by mistake, people have called it a neurological disease, and these same people visit neurologist, speech therapist, hypnotherapist, they don’t have any treatment.
Stammering can be cured with practice and without any medicines, we have cured so many peoples with 100% results. book us and see yourself.
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Kailash Mantry
Founder / Life Coach

He is a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. He have researched over 50 Diseases over the last 25 years which are treated without medicines by him successfully. Conditions such as StammeringEpilepsyDyslexiaSchizophreniaBipolar DisorderAnxiety,DepressionInsomniaParkinson’s diseaseParalysisBrain Stroke, Cancer and many more other such conditions which cannot be treated by medicines but still have a medicine-free solution. 

Sagar Mantry
Nutritionist and Health Coach

I am a Weight-loss & Health Consultant based in Mumbai, my courses operate online through audio books and call-in consultations. To learn more, visit my Website


We have great references.

Kailash Mantry(Life Coach) has been providing outstanding services and has received excellent reviews for his work and service . His treatment techniques and fields of research has also been recognized and published on various local newspapers as well on nation wide selling ones.



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