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Alcoholism is the most severe use of alcohol, and it leads to an inability to manage drinking habits. When a person is unable to control his alcohol use habit, it is alcoholism. Every person who suffers from alcoholism feels he/she cannot work or do his regular chores without drinking alcohol. It leads to many problems and effects that a person’s professional life, personal life, relationships, and physical and mental health. Over the period, it leads to serious issues that can damage and lead to complications in a person’s life. Every person has a right to lead a healthy life, and so he or she should work hard to achieve it. Only then the world will become a good place to live in. It is very obvious that a family who has a drunkard in it will never have a stable and cozy life there will always be problems. The dangers of alcohol abuse cannot be ignored in the slightest. Every member of the family will be affected because of the bad behavior of the drunkard in the family. Especially children are the first to be affected. There is a need that alcoholism should be stopped and the person should be explained the consequences of this habit. In the following article, I have discussed alcoholism and how to get rid of this bad habit. It will be helpful to those people and families who are suffering because of this issue.


 Improper use of alcohol which may lead to physical, social or moral harm to the consumer is generally termed as alcoholism. A person should consume only one peg in one hour. This is not damaging. But if the person takes or consumes more than this, it is referred to as alcoholism. Moreover, research says that men should have only two alcoholic drinks a day and women should have only one per day.

  An increase of the alcohol content in blood is the symptoms of an alcoholic person. In the case of most of the adults, heavy drinking would be reached by consuming and being affected by alcohol. Alcoholism is the worst kind of abuse that a person might face in his entire life. In most of the cases, the alcoholic is so much under the influence of alcohol that he doesn’t even realize what mistakes he is committing or how he/she is troubling others.

 Every person struggling with alcoholism considers that he/she won’t be able to perform according to the expected normal standards of living without alcohol. This can lead to a wide range of difficulties, and it can influence the career, personal issues, relationships, and overall health. After long-term alcohol use, many grave ill effects are easily visible. This kind of alcohol use can produce damaging complications.


 Alcohol is a colorless liquid that can cause intoxication. Addiction to alcohol and drugs are two different things altogether. It is used as an industrial solvent and a fuel. People drink alcohol to socialize, enjoy, relieve tensions, etc. Alcohol reduces the inhibitions in the people, and they might behave with confidence. This behavior is different from their expected behavior. Some people might drink less while other will drink too much. Occasional drinkers might become avid drinkers in very less time. This might involve many health risks. Though there are some benefits of drinking alcohol, these can be achieved only after regular exercise, balanced diet, etc. Although Alcohol selling is not banned by the government, it can have dangerous and long-lasting effects on the personal and professional life of the addicted person.


Alcohol is a depressant or calming drug. Hence people are affected when they use alcohol. Their feelings, motion, sight, and hearing can be altered when they drink. It is the most dangerous drug since it is widely abused and its side effects are often ignored. Government is reluctant to do anything about alcohol in spite of knowing its effects. Alcohol companies advertise their brands without any restrictions everywhere. Alcohol is extremely addictive and can affect the lives of billions.


Although it is found that alcohol is not addictive in itself, the chemical reactions that it causes in our brain is what makes it addictive. It becomes a part of the person’s life to feel normal and sane. Alcohol increases an acid known as GABA in the human body which affects the brain. Hence, drunken people have trouble walking, talking, moving, etc. It will be repeated every moment the person consumes alcohol. Having tolerance to alcohol means the person will desire for more with every passing moment. Dopamine is also released when the person feels pleasure. Initial consumption of alcohol give pleasure to a person, and the brain assumes the use of alcohol to be rewarding and full of pleasure. The increased levels of GABA and dopamine will be a huge risk when the alcoholic denies drinking. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, tremors, temperature or seizures.